Subpoenas and Other Legal Process


The OGC responds to all valid subpoenas properly served on and directed to MIT. Service of subpoenas should be made via email to and a hard-copy should be hand-delivered or mailed to the OGC's main office in building 7-206. Subpoenas for all MIT records including employment records, student records, business records and medical records should be sent to the OGC, not to any other person, office or department on campus. We cannot accept service of legal process for individuals. MIT is subject to FERPA and therefore will notify any and all students of requests for their educational records unless legally prohibited from providing such notification. MIT does not produce records in response to subpoenas for matters in state courts outside of Massachusetts.

If you are a MIT staff member and have received a subpoena for MIT records please contact us right away.

Trustee Summons or Notice of Wage Garnishment

A Trustee Summons or Notice of Wage Garnishment requires MIT to withhold certain sums from an employee’s wages, to be paid toward a debt owed by the employee. Service of Trustee Summons or Wage Garnishments should be made on the OGC. MIT does not withhold funds in response to a Trustee Summons issued by state courts outside of Massachusetts.

Any employee in receipt of such notice should contact the OGC immediately.