Our History

The Office of the General Counsel ("OGC") was established in January 2007 under former MIT president Susan Hockfield to provide MIT a much-needed central resource for legal advice and counsel. R. Gregory Morgan was appointed the first General Counsel of MIT, and Mark DiVincenzo was named Deputy General Counsel. The creation of the OGC brought together MIT lawyers who worked in various offices and departments around the Institute including the Senior Counsel's Office, Treasurer's Office, and Office of Intellectual Property Counsel. In March 2015, Mark DiVincenzo was appointed Vice President and General Counsel. In April 2021, OGC attorney Dahlia Fetouh was promoted to Deputy General Counsel.

In addition to its main office in Building 7, the OGC maintains a second office where the majority of lawyers work. During its early years, that office was located in the basement of the "old" Building 12 (demolished in 2015 and rebuilt as the Nano building) and, in 2009, relocated to Building 10. Due to growing staff and increased space needs, in 2018, OGC relocated again to its current space in Building NE36.