Practice Areas

Conflicts of Interest & Commitment

OGC attorneys work with other offices at MIT to provide guidance and advice to members of the MIT community regarding individual and institutional conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment.

Attorneys specializing in Conflicts of Interest & Commitment:

Construction and Design/Real Estate

OGC attorneys provide guidance and assistance on issues relating to the construction and design of property owned or leased by MIT including land use, zoning and other regulatory issues; the use and occupancy  of Institute facilities, utilities and energy issues and the negotiation and  preparation of documents, negotiation of terms and resources for issues relating to the acquisition, leasing, ownership and management of real property, and maintenance of buildings and grounds.

Attorneys specializing in Construction and Design/Real Estate:

Contracts/Waivers, Indemnification and Releases

OGC attorneys provide advice and counsel on a wide range of topics relating to MIT’s agreements and legal relationships with organizations, partners, supporting organizations and organizations with which the Institute has collaborative relationships, including the management of risk exposure to the Institute. 

Attorneys specializing in Contracts/Waivers, Indemnification and Releases:

Data and Privacy/Internet

OGC attorneys advise MIT on a wide range of topics relating to data and privacy and internet usage. With respect to data issues, OGC attorneys provide guidance on complex questions arising out of the use of datasets in connection with research and legal complaince regarding data security.  Additionally, OGC attorneys assist clients in understanding privacy laws, such as FERPA and HIPAA, as well as MIT’s policies and procedures concerning privacy. OGC attorneys also advise MIT clients on legal and policy issues in connection with the use of networked computing resources and the generation, use, disclosure, and publication of information in digital formats.  This includes licensing of software and web content, terms of use and privacy policies, licensing under Creative Commons licenses, and advising on copyright, fair use and accessibility issues.

Attorneys specializing in Data and Privacy/Internet:

Educational Programs and Activities

OGC attorneys provide legal advice to faculty, staff and students in conjunction with MIT’s educational programs and activities. This includes establishment of new and innovative programs, as well as problem solving in the course of operation of existing programs.

Attorneys specializing in Educational Programs and Activities:

Employment, Benefits & Labor Relations

OGC attorneys work with the Human Resources Department and Departments, Labs and Centers to provide advice on laws, regulations and MIT policies regarding the relationship with its employees.  This includes support on issues relating to internal investigations, complaints of discrimination, disability accommodation, leaves of absence, employee conduct, hiring, layoffs, separations, wage and hour matters, retirement, disability and other benefits and, immigration.  OGC attorneys are also available to help develop and/or present educational trainings to supervisors and employees on these subjects.

Attorneys specializing in Employment, Benefits & Labor Relations:

Environment, Health and Safety

OGC attorneys provide advice to MIT on environment, health and safety matters, primarily in partnership with the Institute’s EHS Office, the MIT Police and the Security and Emergency Management Office. OGC attorneys assist with permitting issues, emergency planning and response, compliance with environmental laws and regulations, OSHA issues and  environmental litigation.

Attorneys specializing in Environment, Health and Safety:

Gifts / Investments / Finance / Tax

OGC attorneys provide advice in connection with matters related to resource development, gifts and other contributions.  These OGC attorneys also provide service and advice in connection with federal and state tax issues.

Attorneys specializing in Gifts/Investments/Finance/Tax:


OGC attorneys provide guidance on MIT’s governance structure, corporation by-laws, organizational structures and decision making,  the governance responsibilities of members of the MIT community and the authority of members of the MIT community to take action or represent MIT in particular situations, including signing authority. 

Attorneys specializing in Governance:

Industry Collaborations

OGC attorneys provide legal advice and support on issues relating to sponsored research and collaboration agreements with corporate sponsors, including terms related to intellectual property, proprietary information and data, material transfer provisions, and other issues specific to industry while ensuring compliance with Institute policies and guidelines on the performance of academic research.

Attorneys specializing in Industry Collaborations:

Intellectual Property/Technology Transfer

OGC attorneys provide legal advice on the management and licensing of  MIT’s intellectual property (including inventions, software, copyrighted material, patents and trademarks) created by students, faculty, non-faculty, visitors and others in the MIT community.  Additionally, OGC attorneys provide advice to the TLO on technology transfer activities including advice regarding complex licenses and agreements granting permissions to share materials for research uses, on issues of licensee noncompliance, uses of technology developed at MIT, software usage and protection, dispute resolution and other matters.

Attorneys specializing in Intellectual Property/Technology Transfer:

International Activities and Transactions

OGC attorneys provide legal advice and support for the broad range of MIT’s international activities.  They negotiate and document terms of agreements with foreign sponsors and collaborators, analyze the impact of foreign laws and requirements on activities abroad and assist with a broad range of operational issues with such activities.

Attorneys specializing in International Activities and Transactions:

Litigation, Disputes and Resolutions

OGC attorneys are responsible for managing all litigation and other legal disputes to which MIT is a party, including employment disputes, personal injury claims, contract and business disputes and intellectual property disputes. OGC attorneys also represent MIT in connection with administrative proceedings before various government agencies, including the EEOC, the MCAD and the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Education. The OGC is responsible for hiring outside counsel to represent the Institute, when appropriate. In addition to representing the Institute in formal legal disputes, OGC attorneys work to prevent litigation and to resolve disputes before legal proceedings are commenced, whether through informal means or through more formal forms of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration.

Attorneys specializing in Litigation, Disputes and Resolutions:

Policies & Procedures

OGC attorneys provide advice and assistance in creating and updating MIT policies and procedures for faculty, staff and students.

Attorneys specializing in Policies & Procedures:


OGC attorneys provide legal advice and support on compliance issues, transactions, risk management practices, investigations and disputes arising in connection with academic research. This includes negotiation of certain data use, collaboration and consortium agreements, human subjects research, animal research and export control regulations, privacy laws, open research / open access policies, academic freedom, authorship and publication issues.

Attorneys specializing in Research:

Research and Academic Misconduct

OGC attorneys provide legal advice and support to the Office of the Vice President for Research and departments, labs and centers on research misconduct and disputes. 

Attorneys specializing in Research and Academic Misconduct:

Student Life

OGC attorneys advise MIT on a broad range of issues relating to student life, including in the areas of student discipline, Title IX compliance, policy development, residential life (including FSILGs), academic affairs, student financial services, admissions, privacy and student activities.  OGC attorneys work closely with the Provost, Chancellor, student life and academic deans and other administrators to solve problems, prevent and resolve disputes and ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations and policies impacting student life at MIT. OGC attorneys also regularly serve on committees and task forces charged with addressing student issues.

Attorneys specializing in Student Life:

Subpoenas, Third Party Requests and Legal Process

OGC attorneys respond to and facilitate the production of documents or witnesses in response to subpoenas, legal demands, third party requests and other legal processes. 

Attorneys specializing in Subpoenas, Third Party Requests and Legal Process: