Office of the General Counsel Releases Guidance to MIT Community about Insurance, Indemnification, and Legal Representation

October 2021

The Office of the General Counsel (“OGC”) has prepared a memorandum that is available to the MIT community that provides guidance about sources of assistance that are available when an individual is subject to a legal claim or is asked to participate on MIT’s behalf in a legal proceeding.  The memo also describes the role of the OGC in providing legal advice to members of the community.

OGC Attorneys Claire Schneider and Anthony Moriello promoted to Counsel

September 2021

The Office of the General Counsel is excited to announce that as of September 1, 2021 OGC attorneys Claire Schneider and Anthony Moriello have been promoted from Associate Counsel to Counsel.

Dahlia Fetouh appointed Deputy General Counsel

August 2021

Congratulations to Dahlia Fetouh on her appointment as Deputy General Counsel earlier this year.

So, you want to "open source"?

June 2021

Frequently, researchers will ask that their research outcomes be “open sourced,” however, many researchers, administrators and research sponsors having varying interpretations for what it means to “open source” a particular research outcome.  Further, the type of meaning ascribed to the desire to “open source” depends on the type of technology or material at issue, and what type of intellectual property rights are attached.

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OGC Guidance Regarding International Travel Preparation

October 2020

The Office of the General Counsel has prepared a bulletin to help MIT community members minimize the likelihood of travel disruption through proper preparation for international travel, as well as to provide information on interactions with immigration and law enforcement agents when entering or leaving the U.S. The bulletin provides practical guidance, including an example of documentation to procure if it is necessary to travel with MIT data or materials.  The bulletin also contains links to other useful resources. The bulletin can be accessed by using an MIT...