MIT Employees Temporarily Assigned to Federal Government: A Word of Caution

September 2016

Employees who complete an IPA assignment are subject to the same post-federal employment regulations as former U.S. Government employees which can result in an employee being unable to continue with parts of their previous duties upon return to MIT.

Tenure: Are Confidential Peer Evaluations Protected in Lawsuits?

May 2016

A recent federal decision questions the confidentiality of peer evaluations.

Gifts to MIT: A Basic Primer

April 2016

Gifts are made to MIT in two varieties: "Unrestricted" gifts and "Restricted" gifts.

MIT responds to congressional inquiry

April 2016

In late March, MIT responded to a congressional inquiry regarding its endowment.

MIT joins in amicus brief

March 2016

In late February, MIT joined an amicus brief with several other IVY Plus institutions.